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Client Statements

"Customer Point of View is the monitor of our restaurants' hospitality creed. We have built incentive programs around the CPV reports. We doubled the number of reports each month and the friendliness of our staff has been totally consistent ever since." (This company has been a client since 1991)

"We have found the CPV mystery shopping service significantly augments our own on-premise inspections. The anonymity of shoppers, the fact that they fit our basic demographic mix and the structure of reports make them a very useful tool in assessing the success of our quality and service initiatives and the effectiveness of our management teams." (This company has been a client since 2002)

"CPV reports give us an objective review of our restaurant operations and help us check for consistency of service". (This company has been a client since 1999)
Restaurant Mystery Shopper

Since 1985, CPV "mystery shoppers" have paid anonymous visits to our clients' restaurants and provided them with a complete report focusing on service, facilities and food.

CPV provides shopper reports throughout the United States and Canada and has served many high profile clients, such as HARD ROCK CAFES, CALIFORNIA PIZZA KITCHENS, and HILTON HOTEL franchisees. Reports are provided for Fine Dining, Casual, and Fast Food restaurants.

Services include: Standard mystery shopping reports, Integrity shops (Loss Prevention), and Bar Shops

Quality Reporting

Mystery Shopping
CPV has special processes in place to insure quality reporting!

1) 3 point verification system for reports

The information in each report is verified three different times before being sent out to clients in order to make sure information is accurate!

2) Evaluator Matching System

Our methods insure that the "shoppers" or "spotters" utilized match the demographic profile of our client's customer base. Therefore, reports are an accurate indicator of customer perspective.

3) Refining process for our teams

Additionally, we go through a refining process to make sure our teams are top-notch. We only accept about 25% of applicants into our program. This insures accurate and reliable reports.

Stability, Client Loyalty and Industry Expertise

In a recent study, we determined the average length of time our clients stay with us is a very respectable 9 years! We are also proud to say that we have an unparalleled record of reliability. Customer Point of View always meets it's commitments and reports are ON TIME and thorough!

Expertise you can rely on! CPV staffers have had articles published by the California Restaurant Association, Western Foodservice Magazine (now extinct),, Food and Beverage Manager Newsletter, and multiple online ezines.

Additionally, CPV staffers have also been instrumental in introducing the mystery shopping industry to Russia, Asia, and Africa and to help open and guide other services all over the world.

Serving the restaurant and hotel foodservice
industries since 1985.
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